Special Education Center in Dwarka

Special education is designed for students and children with special needs. The special education is provided to the children with slow learning abilities, learning disabilities, and children suffering from autism and speech problems or communication problems. The special education is an individual intervention program, catering to the specific need of the child.

The Special education center in Dwarka is provided by the special educator who has the required experience and qualifications to render the required services. The purpose of the special education is to help children realize optimum potential. The special education will develop the skills of children to become self-sufficient and self-reliant in the future. The special education is needed by the children, who are not able to learn as much as is expected from the child of a particular age. This lack of learning ability may be due to several reasons.

The children facing learning difficulties, emotional and behavioral difficulties, specific learning difficulties, sensory and physical needs, communication problems, medical or health problem, need special education to overcome the issues. The special educator prepares the special education plan based on the individual assessment and requirement. The parent also must take the child to the center  for assessment and special education.

The special educator sets the individual goals based on the individual program of the special educations for each student or child. The child is helped through various games, plays and tools to learn the basic reading, writing and basic calculation. The various tools are adopted by the special educator to promote the growth of the child in all aspects.The special educator also works closely with the parents to inform them of the child‘s progress and suggest ways to create the conducive environment at home for better results. The Special education center in Dwarka is involved in the behavioral, academic and social development of the child. The special education helps a child to feel confident and face any social situation and be aware of the socially accepted behavior. The services are provided after careful assessment of the child. The parents are also made part of the therapy so that they can support the child at home.

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