Paralysis treatment in Dwarka

Paralysis means loss of functioning of a set of muscles or muscle, partially or completely.  The paralysis can affect any part of the body, such as the face, limbs, side of the body, etc. The major cause of the paralysis is the stroke in which the clot blocks the circulation of blood in the brain. The lack of oxygen in the brain with the stoppage of blood leads to the loss of sensation and movement of the part of the body which is controlled by the brain.

The Paralysis treatment in Dwarka helps the patient to get the best physiotherapy for the restoration of the normal functioning of the affected body parts after the paralysis stroke. The physiotherapy by experts helps the patient to keep moving the parts of the body affected by the paralysis. The experts will provide the maximum support to the patient. The patient is made to relearn the basic movements of the limbs.  The centre has all the necessary tools and equipment to support the patient of any age and provide the best services that can be provided to the paralysis patient in the city.

There are different approaches that are made after the paralysis attack. The approaches can be divided into based on three principles such as neurological, motor learning, and orthopedic principles. The various components from all these principles are taken to provide the best therapy the patient, which results in faster improvement in the condition of the patient.

The Paralysis treatment in Dwarka will assess the problems resulting from the paralytic stroke such as weakness, spasticity, walking problem, balance problem, and altered movement patterns. The services are comprehensive and help the patient to reactivate all muscle in a systematic manner, with the help of physiotherapists. The services are given to reactivate the specific body muscles in such a manner that they work with the entire body. They are also provided for joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, movement re-education, electrical stimulation, suggestion on lifestyle and fatigue management, balance exercises and exercise classes. The treatment is provided on the daily basis to the patient.

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