Occupational therapy center in Dwarka

Occupational therapy focuses on helping adults with the physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities  to become as independent as possible in their life. The occupational therapy for kids helps them to improve their cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills. The successful therapy enhances their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

The occupational therapist evaluates the kids’ skill when the kids are in play and games, at the center, and compares their skills with the expected development level at that age group. The skills of the kid are evaluated for school performance, daily activities, learning, and dealing with the social life situations, etc.

The Occupational therapy center in Dwarkabecomes necessary when other areas of the performance are affected. For kids, the occupational therapist works on fine motor skills, address hand-eye coordination, help kids with severe developmental delay, learn the basic tasks such as bathing, dressing, brushing teeth and eating. The kids with the behavioral disorders are taught positive behaviors. The kids with physical disabilities learn the coordination skills to feed themselves.

Occupational therapy improves the basic motor functions and reasoning ability so that the kids can perform the meaningful and purpose full activities. The therapy by the experienced occupational therapist of the center  improves the fine motor, motor planning, self-care skills, play skills, muscle tone and strength, gross motor and visual perceptual visual-motor integration.

For adults, the Occupational therapy center in Dwarka provides individual evaluation, during which the personal goals of the client are determined. The customized intervention is done to improve the ability of the patient to perform daily activities and achieve the set goals. The outcome evaluation is also done to make sure that the goals are achieved. The change in the intervention plans is also made to ensure the best results. The therapy is also provided to the person recovering from an injury to regain skills and to support elders facing physical and cognitive changes.

The services are provided by the experienced therapist who has dealt with several such cases and has the ability to customize the services to get and give the best results.

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