Autism treatment in Dwarka

Autism treatment in Dwarka involves a comprehensive therapy to help the person or child suffering from it manage it. The therapy is provided by the special educator in sessions. The therapy involves the development of social skills, communication therapy, language therapy, applied behaviour analysis, picture exchange communication skills, occupational therapy, structure teaching and speech therapy. The Autism treatment in Dwarka is  provided through the implementation of various games, tools, plays, specially designed toys and role play, etc. The services of the special educator, help the person to manage the autism and deal with situations in the real life.

The autism is a neurodegenerative disorder and affects the brain function and the nervous system. The problem adversely affects the verbal and nonverbal communication levels of the person and severely restricts the social interaction of the person. The autism also has a negative impact on the professional life of the person, besides restricting the social life.

The problem generally starts in the childhood and first signs appear in the first year of the child itself. The parents must observe the child and if there are certain signs that the child is not responding to the gestures and is not showing any response, the parents must bring the child to the special education centre. The child has to show some response to the smile and gestures of the parents. The child who is not smiling or showing happy expressions, or is not imitating the sounds by the 9th month, and cannot say a single word by the 16th month, is showing the slowing cognitive and social skills. The parents must consult the department of the special education for consultations with the special educator. The special education programs designed especially for the treatment of the autism. The parents are also taken into the sessions so that they understand the support that they have to provide to the child at home.

The Autism treatment in Dwarka is  provided to both adults and children at the department of the special education. The constant therapy is needed, as the relapse can also happen at any age.  The child with the autism is slow in acquiring knowledge and gaining skills, but the therapy produces the desired results to help the person to manage the problem.

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